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University Placement in Germany: FAQ

Ask Sarah

Sarah is the expert for university placement services @ GLS. Should you have a question, just email her:


university placement in Germany

I´d say about 150 every year. We are an official testing center for TestDaF and telc C1 Hochschule, the language exams for university studies in Germany, and many of those who do the exams at GLS also use our university placement services. But that is no necessary combination, some do only the TestDaf or telc C1 prep course with GLS.

Yes, provided that you fulfill all requirements for university studies in Germany, both in terms of academic background and knowledge of German. We support your application at 3 universities in Germany, and we will guide you through the application process in a way that makes sure that your application is successful.

Yes you can. When selecting a city, please bear in mind: Some universites / some cities in Germany are very popular, Berlin for example or Munich which means that you will have a lot of competitors there. This is no problem if you have excellent grades If not, you may have to include smaller cities in your selection. But don´t worry: We will consult with you and help you find the university that fits your needs best.

Yes, there are fixed "Sprechstunden" at the GLS office, and we are happy to arrange individual meetings any time you need them.

That depends: You don't if you already did university studies in your home country and/or if your high school diploma is accepted as equivalent to the German "Abitur". But don´t worry, we´ll check your documents for free and let you know if you would have to do "Studienkolleg" or not. Generally it looks like this: 60% of those we support do Studienkolleg, 40% don´t need that, i.e. are on an academic level that allows them to apply directly at a university.