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1 July 2014

Today is the day - today we drew the winner in our little rating lottery among all those students who gave us their feedback. And the winner is .... Alexander, 19, from Russia! More about our rating lottery

17 JUNE 2014

Berlin learn German

Want to see movies in German? No problem, this cinema is right next door to GLS - GLS is no. 82 on Kastanienallee, and the cinema no. 77: see what´s on today

27 May 2014

Countries that GLS students come from - see their profiles and what they say about GLS

21 May 2014

"GLS's facilities are the best we have seen of any language school in Berlin" - see more in this ranking of the top 10 language schools in Berlin.

19 May 2014

learn German Berlin

Starting tomorrow: David Bowie at Martin Gropius Bau. More about Bowie´s Berlin

5 May 2014

Posters on a house next door to GLS, commemorating 8 May 1945

29 APR 2014

Kastanienallee, Berlin - GLS on the left, with the big poster in front. And behind that facade it looks like this

9 APR 2014

Romi, GLS activity coordinator, just decided that she will offer yet another Easter excursion - she has already planned excursions to Dresden and Potsdam, and the third one will go to Rostock on the Baltic Sea coast: more

2 APR 2014

Learn German in Berlin

A sunny day today, and it´s warm enough (for Berliners at least) to dine outside. This terrace belongs to the GLS restaurant, with a 10% discount for GLS students. See the menue here. Your second option as far as eating is concerned is the GLS cafeteria

27 MAR 2014

Dresden, Galerie "Alte Meister". Dresden is part of our EASTER Program. Easter Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays - instead of German lessons we arrange excursions to Dresden (on Easter Friday) and Potsdam (on Easter Monday). More

10 MAR 2014

learn German Berlin

The Berlin Wall as it looked yesterday - seems like summer started in Berlin, with sunshine and 18 °C ... See the weather forecast here

27 FEB 2014

A place you can visit if you join the weekend trips that complement our German courses: "Teufelsberg" (i.e. devil´s mountain), an artificial hill made of debris from world war II and used for espionage during the cold war. In the background: BERLIN

5 Feb 2014

Learn German in Berlin

Potsdamer Platz, venue for the Berlinale Film Festival. It will open here tomorrow, on FEB 6 and is THE place to be if you like movies. The festival lasts till FEB 16, and if you´d like to go, consult Romi in the GLS lobby, she will tell you how to get tickets. 

23 JAN 2014

Learn German in Berlin at the GLS German Language School

This Saturday we will take students on a trip to Wittenberg, in the 16th century one of Germany´s cultural centers, home of Martin Luther and Lucas Cranach - we arrange a trip like this every weekend

20 JAN 2014

The BERLIN FASHION WEEK finished yesterday - one of the labels featured was Kaviar Gauche, based in Berlin (more). 2 of their boutiques are within walking distance to the GLS German language school (Google map: A = GLS and B =  Kaviar Gauche boutique)

7 JAN 2014

learn German Berlin

Marie, one of your consultants in the GLS office: She is the one to contact if you have questions regarding German language exams or if you feel you are in a class that is too slow / too fast and want to join another group.

Maries Sprechzeiten:

MON: 13.40 - 14.10
TUE: 12.40 - 13.10
WED: 12.40 - 13.10
FRI: 12.40 - 13.10

25. Juli 2013

learn German in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin with us, and then check out the German you learned - by working as an intern in Berlin! We just revamped our work experience program, see more here

17. Juni 2013

learn German in Berlin

One of our beautiful representatives worldwide: Natalia in Kyiv. If you are looking for a language travel expert in your home country, just check this list!

1. Juni 2013

German Language School Berlin Blog

GLS students on a canoeing trip on River Spree in Berlin. Usually we offer one weekend-trip per week, but starting in July there will be trips both on Saturday and on Sunday. The trips coming up please see at the bottom of this page

22. Mai 2013

Above the GLS campus - including a building that GLS bought last year, as an extension to its campus. You see the building on the right, STADTBAD ODERBERGER. It is a historic landmark in Berlin, a former pool (see some photos here). There are 4 floors with rooms above the pool, and in summer some of the German classes will take place there. MORE

30. April 2013

Tomorrow is International Workers' Day (also known as May Day) and lots of GLS Students head over to Kreuzberg to celebrate.

Myfest 2013 brings artists, performers and musicians to the streets of Kreuzberg. Food and beverages are sold and everybody is having a good time. For more information please go to 

19 April, 2013

Yesterday 30 students sat their TestDaF exam in the GLS auditorium. GLS is a TestDaF examination center in Berlin and also offers prep courses. If you are intersted in TestDaF, have a look at these FAQ.

16 April 2013

Barbara Jaeschke, GLS owner and director, just returned from Lisbon, where she attended an international conference for language schools - see Barbara here, and this is the workshop she attended: the IALC workshop. In Lisbon she met with language travel agents from all over the world. If you prefer to book a German course @ GLS with a local agent instead of directly via this form, just check these agent profiles to see if there is a GLS representative near where you live.